About us

Mabkhra has always been known of it is value in all occasions in every Emarati household.  It shows the Arabian hospitality of greetings and farewells with the scent of burning oud throughout the house, clothes and bodies.

At Fedora, we believe in continuing the legacy of what has served generations of family and friends—while evolving and innovating to give new generations even more ways to express themselves and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation: Mabkhara incense burners.

Our first design starts with the traditional form and takes everything to the next level, bringing iron together with ceramic components and transparent acrylic, with vibrant colors inspired by crystals.

The bodies of these Mabkhara designs are imbued with a renewed sense of style and purpose, as if to take the practice of Mabkhara and incense burning into a future that’s rapidly modernizing and changing everything at an unbelievable speed.