About us

Fedora is not an organization. It’s a movement to make a time-honored custom of using Medkhan a part of today’s modern generation. Guided by an avant-gardist, Fedora is on a verge of becoming a synonym of ingenuity, grace, and durability when it comes to Mabkhara, Medkhan, and incense burning.

With a team of connoisseurs, Fedora strives to become a dedicated online store for incense burners in Gulf regions. Our assorted products are handcrafted and are delivered to your doorsteps with utmost safety.

While we aim to pass on the tradition of Medkhan and incense burner to the future generation, we ensure that we create an exceptional experience for our clients with customization, timely delivery, and quality-infused products.

Value Preposition

Fedora aims to go that extra mile required for thriving the incense burner tradition by creating modern solutions in an environmentally responsible way. By disgracing the old practice of compromising quality for cost, Fedora is going to create a benchmark for others players in this industry.

We value the faith our customers have in us and do everything possible to make it better than the present. With a team of trusted suppliers and skilled craft workers, Fedora inspires the modern generation to carry forward the legacy passed to us by our ancestors.